Smart digital product design, web-apps development & maintenance

Our Work 

Who we Are and What we Do

Point° is a Kyiv and Tallinn-based web development team focused on human-centered design, modern technology, and the development of simple-to-use and effective websites, services, or apps.

  • Oleh Konyk


  • Maryna Akatieva

    Front-end dev

  • Alex Yalovyk

    Front-end dev

  • Serge Terkulov

    Back-end dev

  • Taras Khvyl


  • Dima Tkach

    Back-end dev

Areas of expertise

  • Analysis

    Research. Analytics. Testing.

  • Digital Design

    Research. Analytics. Testing.

  • Front-End

    HTML. CSS. SASS. Webpack. Vue.js.

  • Back-End

    Wordpress. Laravel.

  • DevOps

    Continuous delivery. Server security & performance.


  • Web development

  • Growth

  • Maintenance

Customer Reviews

Thoughtfully approach every detail and implement any idea: top-notch performers with right-on-time execution.

I like three things: reasonable autonomy, clear communication, and focus on project goals. It's nice and easy to deal with the guys.

I appreciated the process, received a thoughtful and elegant solution in a short time. Without wasting time on my part.

The guys showed flexibility, perfectly fit into the workflow of our team, and successfully removed a load of design and front-end of our team.

I adore working with you guys. If you take on a new task, then you do it so that it's as cool as it is possible to do it!

I love their ability to understand the goals of our company from half a word, and the ability to prove the decisions with arguments.