You are either busy being born, or busy dying.

This is how we work with your growth in mind.

  • Analysis •

    The start of our work is set as the research of the business, market, competitors, and context of the product use. Based on the results of the study, we carry out the necessary measurements.

    1. Study

      We closely overview the competitors and analogs of your project and aim to understand and define business goals. Users are surveyed in order to identify expectations, motives, goals, and context of use. We create personas and a customer journey map - which helps us to understand or predict user experience.

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      UX Audit

      We offer an extensive interface review with the eyes of experienced specialists. We dig deep into your product and market, and, first, identify issues and, second, fix them.

    2. Measure

      Analytics is set up to analyze the metrics which help to grab insights on how the sales funnels perform and how users interact with the interface. We come up with the desired values for these metrics and work hard to make it happen.

    3. Test

      We will find a sample of users for preliminary UX-testing to study the behavior and reaction to the interface. We also believe in the A/B test almighty and would recommend testing each and every idea.

    4. IA and Specs

      We create the information architecture for a future project based on the study of business, users, and analytics. Right after that, we prepare terms of reference with a description of each element of the structure, software architecture, integrations, and data storage structure.


    The analysis process, in our sense, is aimed to get a complete description of the future product, grounded in numbers and ideas.

    The client gets

    • Business and Competitor Analysis Report
    • Personas and Customer Journey Map
    • The Information Architecture
    • Terms of Reference

    Technologies and Tools

  • Digital Design •

    We design with the best practices of UX and insights from the research. We never forget about the global goals of the projects. Our designers easily find a common language with developers.

    1. Sketching & Wireframing

      The design starts with sketching and wireframing, which outputs with the schematic images of the page structure. This is how the place of contents and elements is determined and rough logic is visualized. After that, we prepare a clickable prototype which allows us to test the use cases.

    2. Mockups Development

      When the moodboard is filled with the references and inspiration we start designing several concepts: different mockups for the key screens of the product. This is how the visual concept of the interface is born. The most fitting concept is taken and developed into mockups for every page, screen, and use case. Graphics and animations are only of the highest order, made in vector. Attention to detail and foresight is reflected in a styleguide for any project or the design system when it is relevant.

      Help with an existing project?

      Design Maintenance

      We modify and systematize the interface of your projects, bringing in fresh solutions for the challenging tasks.


    As a result of the design work, we fully visualize the logic and future appearance of the project interface.

    The client gets

    • Screenflow
    • Wireframes
    • Mockups for all pages and states
    • Interactive prototype
    • Design specs and UI-kit
    • Design system
    We prepare mockups in .fig and .sketch and graphics or animations in .svg.

    Technologies and Tools

  • Front-end •

    When the architecture is elaborated and the design is ready, we start the front-end development.

    1. The Markup Development

      The mockups are transformed into high-quality code with the use of BEM methodology.
      We understand the principles of UX well: the ease of use and clarity of the interface is at our priority.
      All the pages are made responsive and cross-browser.
      The build base of our projects is on Webpack with the use of CSS and JS pre- and post-processors.

    2. Web Apps

      We can build a scalable and high-load web app on the most up-to-date and relevant frameworks and technologies.
      Our team is capable of developing web apps with server-side or single-page rendering based on the Nuxt.js Vue-framework.

    3. Support and Maintenance

      What should we do, mark-up from scratch, or maintain the code base? We cope with both of the tasks.
      The formation of a modern and easy-to-work-with front-end process is on our to-do list for every project.


    As a result of the front-end work, we get the mark-up of the website pages or a functional web application.

    The client gets

    • Mark-up
    • Web Application
    • External Services Integration

    Technologies and Tools

  • Back-end •

    All the logic and functionality of the website are brought to life based on ready-made or custom solutions.

    1. Content Management Systems

      We connect the admin panel with the markup in a unique template. Non-standard tasks are solved with custom-built plugins, and simple tasks are figured out in the simplest of possible ways. Our devs are at home with WordPress, and no strangers to other popular CMS. Your business tools can be integrated with the product, just tell us what you need: marketing tools, CRM, ERP, or various payment gateways.

    2. Frameworks

      Fluent proficiency with the PHP-framework Laravel allows us to find simple solutions for the most challenging tasks. The code we write is clean, fast, and easy-to-maintain. Code reviews and refactoring are among our regular practices.


    The fully functional and optimized website with all the integrations.

    The client gets

    • Ready-to-use Website
    • Admin Panel
    • External Services Integration

    Technologies and Tools

  • DevOps •

    The goal is to gain the most reliable, safe, and thoughtful development process.

    1. Development

      The optimal configuration for server or virtual machine security and performance allows us to ensure that your digital part of business runs like clockwork. And the deploy process, built to be continuous and reliable, is meant to not waste any second of the development and release time.

    2. Monitoring

      Your digital infrastructure is to be monitored with a verified regularity because we want our clients to sleep deep at night. The security and performance indicators of the server are observed and diagnosed to ensure the non-stop and safe operation of the project.


    Reliable, fast, safe server infrastructure and continuous development process.

    The client gets

    • Optimized server
    • Configured Deploy
    • Regular Backups
    • Security Monitoring

    Technologies and Tools