We take care of all the pleasant worries about the design, development, and maintenance of web projects.

We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients on e-commerce, promo sites, b2b products, b2c portals, company websites, services, and other most crazy ideas.

We are here to modernize your digital infrastructure or help you to build a new line of business.

  • Web development •

    We analyze.
    We design.
    We develop.

    We can jump in at any development stage or we can create a project from scratch.

    We work independently or team up with other companies. We are also excellent when you need to reduce the task flow of the in-house team.

    What we can do

    E-commerce, Company website, Promo site, Content portal, B2B or B2C-service

    How we work

    Fixed project budget
    Time & Material
    Dedicated team

  • Growth •

    We are your partners in project growth.

    All the work in the name of one goal: to breathe new life into the project, disperse it with fresh ideas and meanings. We are to look at the project from a different angle, using analytic systems and some common sense. The balance between business and user goals is among the biggest areas of our research.

    Our flexibility helps us fit into existing processes.

    What we can do

    Audience analysis, UX improvements, Product Analytics, Redesign, Technical audit

    How we work

    Fixed budget per month or per sprint
    Time & Material
    Dedicated team

  • Maintenance •

    We take care of improvements and maintenance.

    We accept tasks from clients and also suggest a load of appropriate improvements. We perfectly understand that a site is not a one-time thing, but a product that requires constant focus and attention.

    We make our clients’ projects safe, ensure the process of meaningful modernization, and help finally close the long-delayed tasks of any scale

    What we can do


    • CRM and ERP systems
    • Payment gateways
    • Messengers
    • REST API of external services

    Technical support

    • Speed optimization
    • Feed automation
    • Technical SEO optimization
    • and much more

    Analytics and design

    • Analytic systems set-up
    • Design Maintenance

    Regular improvements

    • Html, CSS, js and vue.js front-end
    • Laravel or WordPress PHP

    Server administration

    • Server optimization and tuning
    • Server monitoring

    and of course

    Content management

    How we work

    Fixed budget per month or per sprint
    Per-hour fixed fee

How we work

  1. Fixed budget

    Perfect for company websites, simple e-commerce, and small projects.

    • A fixed budget & timeframe contract
    • Predictable budget
    • Step-by-step workflow, accordingly with TOR
    • No flexibility or prioritization
    • TOR specification before the start
  2. Time & Material

    Perfect for non-standard services and startups. Flexibility allows you to make any changes during design & development.

    • Pay-per-hour contract
    • Fixed hour fee with a budget ceiling
    • High initiative, new ideas are generated
    • Priorities are not fixed and may change
    • A quick start with a minimal specification
  3. Dedicated team

    Perfect for large projects that require the utmost attention.

    • Pay-per-team monthly contract
    • Fixed cost for the team
    • High initiative, new ideas are generated
    • Priorities are not fixed and may change
    • Team approval before the start