The Design for the Automotive Portal ATL •

Together with the in-house ATL development team, we carried out a complete redesign of the website based on the best interface practices.

  • TypeE-commerce
  • ServicesUI, UX
  • GeographyUkraine🇺🇦
  • TimeframeFebruary 2017 — ...

ATL is an automotive company with a 27-year history in the Ukrainian market, which has set itself the task of maximizing the customer experience and harmonizing the interaction of its retail and online directions.

Our team was called upon to help them with this.

Project in numbers

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Point° is working on the design support for a large automotive portal, which consists of three main areas:

  • e-commerce;
  • chain of brick-and-mortar stores;
  • auto service.

Close cooperation allowed not only to completely update the appearance but also to significantly improve the logic of the site’s work, create a lot of useful functionality, which became new growth points for the project.

Redesign as a basis for the change.

Design work on this project is the first step in the process of transforming ideas and thoughts into specific tasks.

We jointly identify problems, generate ideas, conduct research, and find solutions during the design process. The visualization of these solutions largely determines the vector of tasks for the business and its developers.

With drivers in focus.

The main structural elements of the website were developed based on the analysis of the best modern practices and solutions in the field of e-commerce.

At the same time, the specifics of the market and the expectations of business customers were taken into account. The user should easily find and buy the right product or service for his car. The goal is simple to formulate but requires a deliberate and highly organized effort to achieve it.

Product page
Search, menu and header

A new horizon for business.

ATL entered the auto parts market, and we thought over and visualized the complex logic of selecting parts for a specific car for two catalogs Tecdoc and Laximo.

An encounter of the online with the offline.

One of the long-term goals of the company in the online direction is complete synchronization and harmonization with much older and more diverse offline.

The first important step on this path is the personal account of the website user, where you can see the complete history of purchases and car services from the early 2000s.

Personal data
Orders and services history
Garage area in the account

The design system.

The scale of the project has grown dramatically in three years, so a design system has been made:

  • guides for text styles and colors usage;
  • harmonized vector icons;
  • guides for inputs, buttons, and shadows;
  • repeatable components of interface elements.

It helps us to cut corners, deliver solutions way faster, and focus only on what’s really important.

I love their ability to understand the goals of our company from half a word, and the ability to prove the decisions with arguments.