Swift Business Launch for Traust Moving •

Brand and website to launch a fresh new moving business in the US.

  • Websitetraustmoving.com
  • TypePromopage
  • ServicesDesign, Front-end, Back-end
  • GeographyUSA🇺🇸
  • TimeframeSeptember 2019 — October 2019

Professional Movers is an American moving company, operating in the state of California.

The company decided to launch a new service: long-distance interstate moving, under a completely new brand.

Technologies and Tools

  • Nuxt.js
  • Vue.js
  • Wordress Rest API

We were given the task to create a simple branding and promotional website for the Traust Moving brand.

The client wanted to test his hypotheses quickly, so the main requirements for the project and the website were formulated:

  • to develop a website without significant investment;
  • the site should load quick;
  • use low-cost and modern technologies;
  • page design must be attractive and clear;
  • the visitor should see a transparent way to request a quote.

Niche and client research.

In order to understand how we should work, we’ve researched potential competitors: to find out what and how they talk about, what methods of lead-generation they use, how they approach the architecture of their websites.

We were able to see that virtually all competitors had the same informational sections:

  • simple and complex quote form;
  • a detailed description of the service and pricing;
  • answers to frequently asked questions;
  • reviews;
  • advantages and facts about the company and features of the services provided (eg “insurance”);
  • contact information.

We paid special attention to the reviews on competitors’ websites and on specialized platforms such as Yelp, Trustpilot, and Google. This approach helped to predict what site visitors would pay attention to and develop empathy, understand the potential user of the site better.

Data-based structure.

Structuring the collected information made it possible to conclude that it would be best to create a one-page website within the project.

It was already quite easy to imagine and visualize the complete structure of the page after the analysis stage. The mechanics of user interaction with this page and all kinds of user scenarios were also clear. We just hand to think over the narrative and usability of the page as much as possible: we started with a rough wireframe of the page.

In order to fill the structure and write copy, we conduct a series of customer surveys, try to get as much information as possible about the company, about the moving process and business logic, about everything that we need to tell the visitor of the future website about.

A new brand is born.

The new page was made in neutral colors — white and green, important small accents in red. This color scheme does not overload the attention and allows the site visitor to concentrate on the contents.

Clear geometric symbols were used for the composition. They were thought to highlight the brand and the theme of the movings: a circle, a road running through the entire page, and arrows indicating the direction.

The quote request procedure was implemented via two forms — first, fixed-scroll, the user fills in the fields in two steps and provides a sufficient amount of information for a basic calculation of the cost of moving. The second form involves only entering a phone number, for users who need to discuss details by voice.

Technical implementation.

To make the site feel light and load quickly, we suggest our client work with the frontend framework Vue.js.

On the administrative side, we had to perform only fairly simple tasks: the ability to edit copies, send requests to an e-mail, and organize a place for request storage and processing. We decided to use the most popular and simple CMS system — WordPress.

I appreciated the process, received a thoughtful and elegant solution in a short time. Without wasting time on my part.